Google's emoji for working women get thumbs up from Unicode

Unicode is adding female versions of existing emoji, too.

Back in May, Google proposed a set of emoji that would offer options that depict careers of professional women with a range of races and ethnicities. Today, the company announced that Unicode, the organization that (among other things) handles the decisions for all things emjoi, agreed to 11 new professional options that showcase a range of jobs for both men and women. And yes, they'll be available in all of the existing skin tones. This means that the group adds more than 100 new emoji to the existing Unicode library.

What's more, Unicode is adding a female option to 33 existing emoji, including a runner, haircut, police officer and a range of other activities. Until now, there were only male versions of those. Google has been working with the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee to ensure the proposed changes made it to users around the world. As you might expect the new options will be included inside future versions of Android as well as other mobile operating systems. You know, since one of Unicode's goals is for everyone to be able to send and receive the same tiny pictures regardless of what device they're using.