Nest's smart thermostat now comes in a range of colors (updated)

If you've ever wanted a copper circle on your wall, today's your lucky day.

Nest's third-generation Learning Thermostat wasn't exactly a design revolution -- surprise, it's another metal puck with a display -- but the company is doing something to jazz things up. It's introducing versions of the smart temperature controller that come in black, white and an especially attention-grabbing copper. If you've ever thought that the regular steel thermostat was too gauche (or not gauche enough), you now have the option of a model that better matches your decor.

You don't have to pay a premium over the $249 standard edition to get the style you want. You'll want to act quickly if you're planning to spruce up your home's climate control, though. While the new hues are available in Nest's online store now and retail stores soon, they'll only be around for a "limited time" (Nest hasn't said how long). Oh, and a quick heads-up: if you've been looking forward to the Nest Cam Outdoor, you'll be happy to know that the $199 security cam is available to order today in the US, and October for European customers.

Update: While we were initially told that these were limited edition colors, Nest tells us that's not the case. You can take your time shopping! Also, it now says the Nest Outdoor Cam reaches Europe in 2017, not October.

Nest Learning Thermostat in black
Nest Learning Thermostat in white