Jonathan Blow's 'The Witness' gets the PlayStation 4 Pro treatment

The colorful puzzler's visual fidelity will be improving instead of its frame rate.

The Witness, Jonathan Blow's latest release, is getting a special patch for the PlayStation 4 Pro to augment its visuals since it's coming to a brand new home. Blow's team at Thekla, Inc. is making it possible to enjoy the game at a higher resolution than ever before, offering an upgrade in visual fidelity over an increase in frame rate. The announcement comes right after Sony's special PlayStation event, where the PS4 Pro was officially unveiled.

The Witness currently runs at 60fps on the PlayStation 4, and it will do the same on the PS4 Pro. However, when you use a PS4 Pro with a 4K display, it will be rendered at 1440p or higher while remaining at 60fps. In addition, it'll be upscaled to 4K from there, with text, menus and other miscellaneous UI bits and bobs rendered at native 4K resolution. These aren't the finalized specs just yet, but an estimation based on engineering tradeoffs, as communicated by Thekla.

If you're using a PS4 Pro with a display that's 1080p or less, the game will be rendered at 1080p instead of its previous 900p, with an increase in antialiasing quality from 2X to 4X MSAA. It'll also remain at 60fps. These specs aren't final, either, but Thekla will be announcing when they are in the near future.

PlayStation 4 Pro owners won't be the only ones getting in on the graphical upgrades, though. Thekla is also interested in providing HDR support via patch when the company knows more about if and when it will be able to provide it. As far as PS4 Pro users, however, the aforementioned patch will be available on November 10th, launching alongside the system itself.