Ben Heck's Intel Edison laser harp, part 1

It's all about the design.

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Ben Heck's Intel Edison laser harp, part 1
The Ben Heck Show - Episode 253 - Ben Heck's Intel Edison Laser Harp Part 1: Design
Inspired by #MTFBerlin and the projects at Music Tech Fest, the Ben Heck Show team uses Intel's Edison chip to build an electronic harp. The team harness the power of lasers, virtual studio technology and the prototyping tools at their disposal in the workshop to produce a fully working instrument. Ben uses an oscilloscope to measure the capability of a photoresistor when hit by a laser. Felix writes up code to handle the input from the photoresistors into the Intel Edison chip, which will then be processed and exported using an audio codec. Finally, Ben gets on with designing the harp and the housing for the lasers using Adobe Illustrator. What instrument would you like to control with the power of electronics? Get in touch over on the element14 Community, where you can also find the build files and behind-the-scenes footage.
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Ben Heck's Intel Edison laser harp, part 1