Samsung exec explains 'facts' of the Galaxy Note 7 recall

Post-recall Galaxy Note 7 phones should have a green battery indicator instead of white.

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Richard Lawler
September 16, 2016 1:39 AM
Samsung exec explains 'facts' of the Galaxy Note 7 recall

As Samsung tries to navigate through its Galaxy Note 7 mess, an executive is speaking directly to customers. In a message posted tonight, Samsung America President & COO Tim Baxter puts a personal face to the recall, continuing Samsung's promise that new, less-volatile Galaxy Note 7s will be available "no later than September 21st." We'll see if the company is able to stick to that, but according to Baxter, an unnamed outside lithium battery expert affirmed Samsung's findings on the safety of battery cells in the new units.

Once those new phones hit the streets, ZDNet reports that you'll be able to tell the difference because the battery indicator at the top right corner of the screen will be green instead of white. In Korea, exchanges are supposed to begin on the 19th, the first business day back after the local Thanksgiving holiday.

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