Windows Insiders can send and receive texts on Skype for PC

The feature will be available to all Windows 10 users in the coming months.

Windows Insiders who still miss the experimental Messaging everywhere feature may want to get the latest version of Skype Preview for PC and Mobile. Microsoft has updated the app to be able to send and receive text messages on Windows 10 computers, so long as Skype Preview is the default messaging application on their Windows 10 Mobile devices. The new version shows both IMs and text messages in a single view for each contact to prevent clutter, as well.

Microsoft started testing the Messaging everywhere feature back in April, which allowed early adopters to text from their PC. However, Redmond decided not to ship the feature with the massive Windows 10 Anniversary update and even pulled it from the platform's preview builds. Back then, the company said the decision came from the belief that it can deliver a better experience through Skype. While only Insiders can get the update for now, Microsoft says it will roll out the feature to all Windows 10 users who have the universal app in the coming months.