Google Trips is a pocket-sized vacation guide

Google wants to help you enjoy your vacation even when you can’t get online.

If you've ever visited a foreign country and realized that you're not quite sure what to do after hitting all the major tourist attractions, the new Google Trips app might be the digital tour guide you're looking for. The new app for iOS and Android helps build itineraries around the places you already want to see to help travelers get the most out of their vacation.

In addition to building a game plan for your time away, the app gathers all the information about your vacation -- including flights and hotels from your Gmail account -- and automatically places them into the trip. That itinerary is then downloadable and available offline in case you're unable to track down WiFi or don't an international data plan.

Google says its new app has information available for the top 200 cities around the world. So there's a good chance if you're headed out on vacation, Google Trips will have some ideas on what you can do when you get there.