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Polaroid's digital camera with inkless printing ships in October

The Touch is an updated version of last year's Snap instamatic.

Despite recent experiments with photography apps and, uh, smart TVs, Polaroid is still making new cameras that print physical photos on the spot. To build on the success of its inkless instamatic Snap released last year, the company premiered the Touch at CES 2016, an upgraded version that adds a touchscreen and Bluetooth sensor. If that hybrid machine sounds right up your alley, Polaroid is now accepting preorders on its website to ship out sometime in October.

While it's a bit more expensive at $180 than the original Snap's $100 pricetag, the Touch has a few tricks besides the obvious virtue of seeing your photos on its touchscreen before printing. Load up its dedicated app on a smartphone or device and you can send images over Bluetooth to the camera, which can then pump out physical copies. Of course, you can only use Polaroid's proprietary ZINK inkless paper, which starts at $10 a pack, but such is the price of hybrid cameras-cum-printers.