Stream Android apps on Facebook Live with Bluestacks

Draw a crowd while you play 'Clash Royale.'

Streaming your favorite smartphone apps on Twitch is pretty hard. Through Facebook? Even harder. To simplify the process, Bluestacks is adding a Facebook Live option to its desktop Android emulator. So whether you're using a PC or Mac, you can now grab your favorite games from the Play store, launch them and stream using the same interface. Bluestacks added a similar Twitch-streaming option just a few month ago -- while Amazon's platform is known for gaming, Facebook clearly has similar ambitions. (You can already broadcast Blizzard titles on the social network, for instance.) With so many eyeballs, its influence is growing fast.

Bluestacks isn't perfect, however. Portions of the app look a little rough and browsing Android can feel unintuitive with a mouse and keyboard. Some players will, inevitably, always prefer an authentic mobile experience too. Even if you have a Windows laptop with a touch screen, it'll never be quite the same as using a real smartphone or tablet. Slower-paced games translate pretty well, but anything fast and swipe-heavy can be hard to control. Of course, Bluestacks can tackle other types of applications too. If you want to explain how a new feature works in Instagram, for instance, or react to a movie trailer on YouTube, this could be a solid option.