LinkedIn Learning arrives to build out your 'skills' section

Add to your education, not just your professional network.

With the ink still drying on Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn, the social network everyone loves to hate is now looking to break into the online education with today's launch of LinkedIn Learning. After all, what could be better for your career than adding a couple new skills and areas of expertise to your online resumé?

As TechCrunch reports, LinkedIn Learning offers 9,000 courses built on top of content from online learning portal, which LinkedIn actually bought for $1.5 billion in early 2015. The courses currently cover everything from coding and programming to writing and accounting.

While employees or individuals can select and sign up for classes on their own, employers and HR managers can also recommend courses and then track their employees' progress through LinkedIn's analytics. For now, LinkedIn Premium subscribers can get 25 new courses every week, but there's also a forthcoming enterprise tier that will allow larger corporations to recommend courses for their entire workforce.

In other LinkedIn news today, social network also announced it will be releasing an updated design for the desktop version that includes a revamped newsfeed and new messaging features with support for the increasingly ubiquitous chatbots. There's no release date for these features yet, just a promise that they're coming soon.