Nissan's autonomous chairs politely carry you through queues

Just like WALL-E predicted.

Back in February, Nissan took a break from rolling out electric vehicle chargers to develop intelligent office chairs that pushed themselves in. It wasn't a new product, but a proof-of-concept stunt to demonstrate their assistive parking technology. But with new developments to show off comes a new seat demonstration. Voila: The Nissan chair that queues in line for you.

Sadly, you won't get a chance to buy this chair either. In the above video showing off their autonomous driving system ProPILOT, the seats hang out in line maintaining a safe distance from furniture ahead and behind. As you could imagine, this imitates the tech's ability to pace your car automatically in traffic, a stopgap between braindead stop-and-go commuting and fully giving the wheel over to your autonomous vehicle.

The ProPILOT is currently available only in Nissan's Serena minivan, out last month. And while you'll never be able to outright purchase a lazy autochair of your own, Japanese restaurants can apply to rent some out from now until the end of December by hashtagging a branded phrase on Twitter.