Netgear security camera is wireless, ultra-wide and weatherproof

The Arlo Pro also introduces two-way audio and a smart siren to ward off thieves.

Look, we know -- it's hard to get excited about home security cameras. However, Netgear is determined to stand out with a camera that ticks virtually every checkbox on the list. Its new Arlo Pro is not only wireless (with the option of plugging in), but touts an ultra-wide 130-degree viewing angle and weatherproofing. Yes, you can stick this on a tree with the knowledge that it could easily spot an intruder in the pouring rain. That includes at night, too, thanks to night vision and an infrared motion sensor.

There's more. The Pro now has two-way audio, so you can tell the courier where to leave that package, and a smart siren can automatically blast at over 100 decibels if there's any motion or sound. You can check on your camera from an Apple TV, too. And to top it off, a motion recognition update coming later this year will use machine learning to recognize objects and determine which movement is actually worth your attention. It should ignore pets and swaying branches, for example, but flag humans.

The base Arlo Pro system is available right now for $250, with extra cameras costing $190 each. If you plan around-the-clock wireless monitoring, however, you'll want to consider both a battery charging station ($60) and extra batteries ($50 each). Netgear's system could be relatively expensive as a result, but look at it this way: it covers enough bases that you might not have to consider another camera for long, long while.