Casual 'Pokémon Go' trainers now have a fighting chance

No, I don't have a 2000 CP Dragonite. I have a job and a family.

Pokémon Go players know if their pocket monster is a 'catch' and can even have one of them scurry behind your avatar. The latest update is aimed at balancing the in-game battles, giving the Pidgeottos and Mr. Mimes of the world a (slightly) better chance against the constant armies of Dragonites and Snorlaxes resident in most Pokémon gyms. Not only will trainers be be able to bring six Pokémon to training fights against your own team, the CP (Combat Points) of rival Pokémon will be nerfed to match your own battle level. However, Niantic Labs says that the CP ranking "may" be lowered, suggesting it may not always be the case.

A catch bonus will also come into effect: the more of a certain type you catch, the easier it'll be to snag more of them. (This is key to getting the more advanced, evolved versions -- you need to capture a lot of Pikachus to evolve one into Raichu.) The developer has also decreased the evolution animation time -- which often took longer than catching the Pokémon in the first place.

Now, if the game could kindly direct me towards the nearest Charizard, I'd be very grateful.

(Updated to clarify that the update allows six Pokemon to battle in friendly battles against trainers that are in the same team as you.)