Samsung's built-in smart appliances blend in with your decor

It wants you to have connected cooktops and ovens no matter what your kitchen looks like.

Smart home appliances are all well and good, but they're rarely options if you need or prefer that machinery built-in. What if your oven has to blend in neatly with the kitchen? Samsung wants to help. It's introducing its first-ever built-in smart appliances, all of which tout WiFi-connected features while integrating with your home. They're expensive, but just might fit the bill if conventional equipment simply won't do.

The centerpieces are double- and single-wall ovens (ranging from $2,199 to $3,999) that let you control and monitor your dishes from your phone. You can also snag connected cooktops that use gas ($1,199 to $1,699), electric ($1,099 to $1,499) and induction ($2,099 to $2,499). And if you get one of its smart range hoods ($1,099 to $1,299), you can sync it with the cooktop below. Just be ready to wait a bit before outfitting your kitchen -- Samsung doesn't start shipping them until November.