Tile unveils a smaller take on its original bluetooth tracker

In fact, it's 25 percent smaller than the Original.

In the three years since it first introduced its Bluetooth trackers, Tile has accepted that less can be more and worked to reduce the profile of its location-aware squares. Less than two months ago, we saw the launch of the Tile Slim -- a thin tracker designed for use in wallets, purses and laptops -- but that wasn't all that Tile has been working on. Today, it's taken the wraps off the Mate, a smaller take on the Original that comes with the all-important loop.

Tile says that the Mate is 25 percent smaller than the Original, ensuring it won't add much bulk to your keys, bags or expensive items that you simply can't afford to lose. Like the Slim, it offers four preset ringtones -- Bionic Birdie, Classic Call, Pep in your Step and Blues for Slim -- that come into their own if you own a handful of Tiles and need to differentiate between them. The Mate can also be used to help find your phone, even if you leave it on silent.

On its own, the Mate costs $25/£23 or $70/£65 for a four-pack (the same price as the Original) and is available from October 12th at Amazon, Apple, Best Buy and Target in the US. In the UK, Amazon is on board, as are John Lewis, Argos, Curry's PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Maplin. The company recognizes that one might not be enough, so it's created a new Combo Pack that combines the Slim and the Mate and saves you money in the process. The Combo Pack will set you back $90/£85 and is only available via the Tile website (linked below).