Razer's THX purchase means cinema-approved VR and laptops

The good news is that there apparently weren't any layoffs as a result.

Wikimedia Commons

Longtime cinephiles might be disappointed by the following news: THX will now operate as an "independent startup" under the Razer banner. Yep, the gaming PC and peripherals company. The cinema certification outfit founded by George Lucas will keep its management and employees (phew) and will continue to operate as it has for the past 33 years just under a new owner, according to a prepared statement. "With their focus on quality, design and innovation, Razer supports our vision to optimize and deliver the best audiovisual experiences to audiences worldwide," THX CEO Ty Ahmad-Taylor said in a canned press release quote.

How much this deal cost Razer isn't clear, nor is how the company will leverage its new purchase. What we do know, however, is what Razer plans to do with the company. THX explicitly said that it's working to expand its approval stamp to headphones, augmented reality and virtual reality, "and their enabling devices." So, THX-approved PCs are going to be a thing too, in addition to things like speakers, laptops and maybe even monitors from Razer.