'Dead Rising 4' DLC is as ridiculous as you'd expect

Mini golf where you use an electrified axe instead of a nine iron, anyone?


Golf, but with ridiculous instruments of death like a fire-breathing triceratops head instead of woods and irons. That's the pitch for Dead Rising 4's season pass of add-on bits and sounds like the best kind of absurdity. Specifically, the "Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf" mode that'll come out some time after the base game's December 6th release date. A post on Xbox Wire says that the game of undead putt-putt is made all the more difficult with zombies acting as hazards and generally getting in the way on the mini links. It isn't the Outlaw Golf sequel we've been clamoring for, but at least it's something.

Not into golf? There will also be an add-on episode dubbed "Frank Rising," which, as its name suggests, finds protagonist Frank West infected with the zombie virus and needing to find the cure before his life -- and time -- runs out. Sounds like an interesting twist on the original game's ever-ticking countdown clock. And if you want to outfit Mr. West with a bit of [insert December holiday of choice] cheer, the "Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack' should do the trick.

The season pass will run you $24.99 if you're going to take the wait-and-see approach (which is honestly the prudent option), or, you can go all out for the Digital Deluxe Version for $79.99. That's a $5 savings over buying a physical copy plus the season pass, but you won't have a green plastic case to put on your shelf. The choice is yours. Unless you own a PlayStation 4, that is. Sony fans will have to settle for an HD remaster of the first three games this fall, as DR4 is an Xbox One exclusive for the time being.