Russian arrested over giant LinkedIn password hack

The FBI and Czech police quietly caught him in early October.

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

You might not be happy that a hacker swiped millions of LinkedIn passwords back in 2012, but it sounds like you might soon get some justice. Czech police acting on behalf of the FBI and Interpol say they have arrested a Russian citizen suspected of compromising both LinkedIn and other US targets. Officials quietly caught the unnamed man in Prague on October 5th, but are only confirming the bust now for "tactical reasons." A court will decide whether or not the alleged hacker faces extradition to the US.

Russia, not surprisingly, is demanding that officials send the accused back to his homeland. It might have a tough time making that happen, however. Prague is considered a staging point for Russian activities in Europe, and it's no secret that the US is more determined than ever to hold Russian hackers accountable (the arrested man isn't connected to the spate of hacks targeting the Democratic party). If the FBI gets its wish, this man could serve as a warning to hackers hoping that geography will keep American police at bay.