'Doom' unleashes hell with a new arcade mode

Classic 'Doom' assets have been added to SnapMap too.

If you've shotgunned and boot-stomped your way through the new Doom campaign (and if you haven't yet, you should) fear not: Bethesda has plenty more demon hunting ready to go. The developer released "Free Update 4" this week, which comes with a nifty arcade mode. Every gun, suit and "Rune" upgrade is unlocked from the start, giving you the best possible edge in the battlefield. The aim is to blitz through the "streamlined" game in the shortest time possible, avoiding enemy attacks and racking up multipliers. Points are rewarded for butt-kicking your opponents, leading to a final score that you can compare with friends.

If you miss the original Doom experience, you'll want to dive back into SnapMap. The level editor has been updated with some classic Doom assets -- walls, floor panels, computer banks and more -- which you can stitch together into devious, ramshackle stages. They won't change the core gameplay, but if you liked the retro Easter eggs baked into the main campaign, this is a way to feed those retro cravings once again. And if you're not particularly creative, that's okay, because you can download other people's maps, or a selection put together by the Doom team.