Amazon Echo now fact-checks politicians

Alexa, is that candidate full of hot air?

Reuters/Peter Hobson

You've probably heard politicians make more than a few outlandish claims, and not just in the run-up to the US presidential election. Do you really want to swing by a fact-checking website every time a candidate stretches credibility? As of now, you don't have to lift a finger. Duke Reporters' Lab has introduced an Amazon Echo skill that lets you fact-check any politician scrutinized by PolitFact, or the Washington Post. If you want to know if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is telling it straight, you just have to ask your wireless speaker whether or not a claim is true.

It's not perfect. You have to sit through a lengthy introductory spiel before you can ask your question, and Duke stresses that you should mention major keywords to get the right answer. Still, there's a certain pleasure to knowing that you can call a would-be leader's bluff while you're busy making dinner.