High tech meets haute couture at Silicon Valley Fashion Week

Geek chic is the new black.

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AOL / Andrew Tarantola
AOL / Andrew Tarantola

Pop culture loves to pit fashion and technology against one another. While fashionistas are often portrayed as really really good looking buffoons (looking at you, Derek), techies are rarely seen without being swaddled in their trusty black hoodies. But, as the 2016 Silicon Valley Fashion Week shows, it doesn't have to be that way.

Silicon Valley Fashion Week 2016 - 30sec from Florence Lumsden on Vimeo.

Nearly two dozen designers and tech companies came together in San Francisco to exhibit their latest creations. Whether they were designed with CAD programs, extruded from 3D printers, controlled with smartphones or embedded with a litany of LED lights, each piece shown deeply incorporates modern technologies. Styles ranged from Renaissance to risque, with some designs geared for everyday consumers and others as wearable artwork. Check out the gallery below to see some of the most jaw-dropping examples from the show.

Gallery: Silicon Valley Fashion Week 2016 | 26 Photos

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