Smart pen measures the dimensions of virtually any object

The Instrumments 01 sends depth, height and length right to your smartphone.

Despite all the technological advances over the years, measuring items in your home still tends to involve old-school rulers and tape measures... and they can be inaccurate if there are curves. Instrumments thinks it has a better way. The team of former Misfit creators is launching the 01, a hybrid measuring device and pen (there are also pencil and stylus versions) that gauges the dimensions of objects simply by pointing at them. It works on 3D surfaces, too, so curves and contours aren't off-limits.

As you'd expect in this day and age, the 01 takes advantage of its link to your Android phone or iPhone. You can automatically log measurements and share them, and even adjust to scale if you're looking for dimensions in drawings and maps. If you're without your phone, you can still use blinking light intervals for grids and rough measurements.

Instrumments is taking orders for its gadget now through its own site and Indiegogo for $149, with a leather case available for $29 if you don't order quickly enough to get one for free. This isn't a conventional crowdfunding project with months to go before launch, though -- certain retail stores worldwide will carry the 01 as of December 1st. It's an expensive device however you shop, but the cost might be justifiable if you're an architect, designer or home improvement fan.