Facebook is gearing up to serve ads on Apple TV and Roku

Tests will begin as soon as next week.

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Mariella Moon
November 5th, 2016
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Facebook is preparing to make (more) money by selling ads that will be shown on TV -- connected TV, that is. According to Recode, the social network will start showing video ads on apps that run on set-top boxes, including Apple TV and Roku. The company hasn't figured out the best format and length yet, but it will begin running tests as soon as next week. A spokesperson told Recode that these tests will help the team determine the best way to "deliver (over the top) video ads through Audience Network," which is Menlo Park's ads platform.

Facebook aims to serve the most targeted ads possible by taking note of both IP addresses and the FB account that's currently logged into the set-top box. Clearly, the company hopes to have an up-and-running prominent ads platform as video-on-demand and streaming services become more common. Even if you're chosen to be one of the testers, though, you won't be seeing those targeted ads just yet. It will test the waters by promoting its own services, such as Facebook Live, and its non-profit partners.

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