Facebook Live gets spooky face filters for Halloween

Stream as a skull, evil queen, pumpkin or witch with the Snapchat-like feature.

Should Facebook dress as Snapchat for Halloween? The company has unveiled new Facebook Live masks for the spooky soiree with an eerie resemblance to those from its social media rival. To don them, you just start streaming, tap the upper left magic wand and select the masks icon from the creative tools tray below. You can choose a skull, evil queen, "limited edition" pumpkin or witch masks. Facebook also unveiled Halloween Reactions, including a "grimacing jack o'lantern" to express anger, and a cackling witch "smile."

Facebook paid homage to Snapchat Stories with Instagram Stories, and its Messenger Day app is very similar to its rival's expiring messages. The company added Live masks to its repertoire when it acquired Masquerade (MSQRD) back in March and let Facebook Live users don their nation's colors in a limited, experimental trial during the Rio Olympics. It's now available to all iOS users in the US, UK and New Zealand, and Facebook will come to Android users and other countries "in the coming months."