PS4's Sharefactory app now lets you make GIFs from your videos

Showcase all your beautiful disasters in clips up to 10 seconds long.

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David Lumb
November 10th, 2016
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PS4's Sharefactory app now lets you make GIFs from your videos

PS4's Sharefactory app, which lets players stitch together video, music and photos into sweet highlight reels, has steadily built out its toolbox since Sony released it back in April 2014. Some have added options for slow-mo and timelapse, while the most recent introduced picture-in-picture to include simultaneous video play. But those have toyed with yesterday's formats. For all the cool kids, Sony's finally bringing GIF-making support to the app, letting users create animated clips up to 10 seconds long with all the captions their little hearts desire.

It's all part of a Sharefactory 2.0 release package. If you've hooked the app up to Twitter, you can tweet out your GIFs right from your console. Sony has also added a collage mode so users can arrange up to six photos in whatever arrangement they crave for their own "Wish You Were Here" gaming postcard.

While there are a few performance and UI tweaks, the last big news for the app's new version is support for PS4 Pro. Users can now edit and export their 1080p videos and 4K screenshots. So even if your friends haven't all upgraded their screens to take in your content's high-definition glory, you can rest assured that all your headshot montages and GTA Online rampages are as crisp as possible.

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