Antelope Club is a Slendertone for full-body workouts

Embedded electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) pads in the fabric make your workouts much more intense.

Daniel Cooper / Engadget

German startup Antelope Club is looking to make fitness training more effective with its new electrical muscle stimulation suit. It's essentially a giant Slendertone that will work on more than just your abs, ideally getting you fitter and happier much faster. The company has built a t-shirt with stimulators on the stomach, pectorals and biceps, while a pair of accompanying shorts will help your quads. Additionally, calf simulators can be hooked up to a separate battery to help tone your lower legs.

The headline claim is that every 20 minutes that you spend working out with this kit is the same as an hour in the gym. For best results, users are encouraged to wear it while running, cycling or weightlifting, adjusting the intensity to best suit their needs. Power is sent to the unit via a charging module that's re-juiced over micro-USB and connects to the suit with a series of magnetic pins.

One of the downsides to most EMS devices is that you need to periodically replace the adhesive pads to maintain the connection. Antelope, however, is using a stretchy silicon mix that, it claims, won't become less effective over time. It's also said that you won't need to use a gel or water to make the pads work properly, which will be useful during those cold winter runs.

Unfortunately, full body EMS suits don't come cheap, or within the budget of most casual exercisers. To purchase the men's version of the full outfit will set you back $1,349, although a bolero-style top for your arms and pecs will set you back $275. In addition, a tank top that just offers abs and pecs training for $299, so there are savings to be had if you're prepared to compromise.