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Buy Snapchat's Spectacles at this weirdo vending machine (updated)

Expect more "Snapbot" machines to start popping up soon.

Spectacles, Snapchat's odd but intriguing move into wearable hardware, is starting to make its way into the wild. The company just announced how you'll be able to purchase Spectacles, and it's about as weird as you'd expect. The glasses will only be available at custom vending machines called Snapbots -- the first one arrived in Los Angeles, near Snapchat's headquarters, earlier today.

That's about all we know so far. You can purchase the $129 Spectacles at one of these vending machines, but there's no word on where they'll be or how long they'll stay there. Snapchat specifically said that the Snapbots won't stay in one place for very long, so if you're in LA and want to get a pair, don't hesitate.

We'll hand it to Snapchat -- this is a hell of a lot more fun than going to pick up a pair in Best Buy, and it fits in with the company's plan to do this launch slowly and with the company's signature goofy flair. If you're itching to get a pair of Spectacles for yourself, your best bet is probably to keep an eye on the Spectacles Twitter page. It announced the first Snapbot drop and will probably reveal future locations as time goes on. Or, just visit the Spectacles home page and click the "find a bot" button -- it brings up a Google map with the one current location. We're sure there will be more soon.

Update: Since Spectacles are still super limited, they're already showing up on eBay with price tags of up to $900.