Watch the largest supermoon in 68 years

Look to the skies (or stream online) early on November 14th.

Reuters/Jon Nazca

You're about to get one of the best views of the Moon in decades. When the celestial body reaches its closest point to the Earth in the early hours of November 14th (in the US, shortly after 6AM Eastern), it'll be the largest supermoon observed in over 68 years -- yes, it hasn't been this near since 1948. And you won't see a comparable supermoon again until 2034, so you might want to step outside if you at all can. Don't despair if clouds, work or the time of day prevent you from getting a glimpse, though. There will be ways and times to watch where you'll still have a grand view.

For a start, Slooh is livestreaming the supermoon. You can see what's happening even if you're on the other side of the planet at the time. And if you'd rather see our lunar neighbor first-hand, NASA stresses that you don't have to be up exactly when the Moon is at its closest. The changes in distance over time will be slight, so you can head out on the nights of the 13th or 14th and still witness an impressive display. Either way, this may be your best opportunity at lunar observation without pulling out your telescope.