AIAIAI's modular headphones go wireless with a swappable headband

The $65 add-on for the TMA-2 won't arrive until May though.

AIAIAI debuted its modular TMA-2 headphones in 2015, a model that allows users to choose which parts they wanted and swap them out at any time. There was one thing missing: wireless. With all of the options the TMA-2 offered, it was lacking Bluetooth connectivity for listeners who wanted cut the cord. A year and a half after the modular kit arrived, there's now a wireless solution in the form of the H05 headband.

Just like the headbands in the original TMA-2 kit, the H05 snaps into place and connects to the earcups with audio cables. It carries the same look as the other modular units, only it's noticeably thicker to make room for the Bluetooth components. AIAIAI says it explored other options for making the TMA-2 wireless, including a new speaker, but packing the necessary parts in the headband was the best way to keep the modular construction of the headphones. It also allows existing customers the ability to use the parts they already have.

The H05 headband gives the TMA-2 Bluetooth aptX connectivity with enough battery life to keep the music going for 16 hours. When it's completely dead, the unit takes two hours to fully recharge. Should the need arise, you can plug in a cable and bypass the wireless functionality without having to reach for another headband. You know, just in case you can't plug in the wireless component immediately. As you might expect, there are also on-board controls for play/pause, skipping tracks, adjusting volume and answering calls.

If you already splurged for a TMA-2 kit, all you'll have to do is pick up a H05 headband to give your gear Bluetooth functionality. AIAIAI is expecting to ship the part in May and eager users can contribute funds to a Kickstarter campaign to be among the first to get their hands on one. If you choose to do so, you can get a discount of up to 50 percent off the full retail price of $125/€120. Haven't picked up a set yet? Full kits are discounted as well, just be aware you'll spend more if you want the pricier DJ preset or your choice of any modular configuration.