12 gifts for the gaming geek in your life

Consoles, controllers and graphics cards for everyone!

Whether they've got a fully tricked out PC gaming rig or just looking to get a little retro button mashing done on their new 4K TV, we've got the gift for the gamer in your life. Obviously, with some new consoles on the scene, there's an obvious upgrade out there for the hardcore in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. But you don't need to drop $300 - $400 to upgrade your favorite geek's gaming experience. A high-end mouse, top notch controller or a new headset can make a world of difference for those glued to online battles. And, for those in your life that prefer their gaming be a little more... let's say physical, you can't go wrong with a board game like Mechs vs. Minions or King of Tokyo.

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