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A real-world 'Zelda' escape room game is coming next year

Participants can solve puzzles as “Defenders of the Triforce” next year.
A real-world 'Zelda' escape room game is coming next year
Tom Regan
Tom Regan|@grapedosmil|November 17, 2016 7:59 AM

Have you ever found yourself humming the Zelda theme on your commute, longing to embark on a Hyrulian adventure? Well, next year Nintendo will make that dream a reality.

Created in collaboration with renowned escape-room designer SCRAP, Defenders of the Triforce is a Legend of Zelda inspired, real-world puzzle adventure. Starting in San Francisco on January 31st, Nintendo's first ever live-action game will also be making its way to Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago and New York.

Like other real-escape experiences, Defenders of the Triforce will see parties of six working together to solve puzzles, only this time they'll also be attempting to save the world from long time Zelda villain, Ganondorf.

During the adventure, participants will be using classic items from the series to solve puzzles and progress to the next room. Players can also expect to encounter their fair share of beloved characters from Zelda lore, including Gorons, Zoras and Kokiri.

Tickets and other information can be found at the official site, with prices starting at $38.

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A real-world 'Zelda' escape room game is coming next year