'Netflix Vista' imagines binge watching inside 'Black Mirror'

This is what you'd really do with that 'The Entire History of You' tech.

Sure, lately it feels like we're living an episode of Charlie Brooker's tech-gone-wrong series Black Mirror, but what if we really were? This "Netflix Vista" short just posted by the company takes that idea to its preferred conclusion. Including technology reminiscent of the first season's third episode ("The Entire History of You"), it imagines a world where everyone has implants that allow them to augment reality with video overlays.

The only difference is that instead of running through their own past highlights Instaclip-style, people are watching (what else?) Netflix. As ads go, we're not sure this one makes us want to plug into Netflix more deeply, but it could probably be worse -- at least it's not the world of Playtest, or Fifteen Million Merits.