Adorable Cozmo robot will soon recognize pets

Its new night vision will help you see the exact moment your dog tries to eat it.

Owners of the Anki Cozmo robot will soon be able to have it interact with their pets. An upgrade slated to roll out during the week of December 5th will add new functionality to the tiny automaton that includes reactions to dog and cats.

The update will also add a new memory match game, an explorer mode for point-of-view camera action with night vision, the ability to give it words to pronounce and a workout mode. Of course all of those features pale in comparison to your artificial buddy hanging out with your furry friends.

Unfortunately, Anki doesn't share any more details than, "he can now detect dogs and cats, and reacts appropriately to both." In a video about the new feature, all we see is cute little Cozmo barking at a dog in its tiny synthesized voice. It's really a heart-warming Instagram video waiting to happen.

But as pet owners know, their dogs and cats don't always respond favorably to gadgets. So it's probably a good idea to stick close to Cozmo when it says hi to Fido so it doesn't end up crushed in your canine's jaws.