The 11 best tech gifts for movie buffs

Help the film snob in your life trick out their home theater setup. (Or even just their movie collection.)

We're guessing this person on your list already owns a TV. (And if they don't -- or you just love them very much -- we have a couple suggestions.) But there are other ways to help your movie-loving friend round out their home theater setup. If money is tight, why not go for one of Roku's recently released media streamers? They come in at different price points, but we ultimately recommend them all. Alternatively, perhaps your friend could use a sound bar or a 4K HDR receiver for better audio, or a projector to make movie nights at home feel that much more cinematic.

Or, you know, you could just get them some Blu-rays. Just make sure you exercise good taste. Here at Engadget, we recommend Lone Wolf and Cub, the Horace and Pete digital box set and the Mad Max "High Octane" edition.

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