Old Apple computers make excellent plant pots

Seriously fresh.

What should you do with old Apple hardware? Keep it and maintain it as the company intended, old software and all? Or maybe donate it to a museum, where fellow fans can gaze at its chunky keys and adorably low-res display longingly? Christophe Guinet, also known as 'Monsieur Plant,' has another idea. For his latest project, Plant Your Mac!, the Parisian artist has converted some classic Apple products into tiny gardens. All of the machines, which include the Macintosh Classic, the iMac G3 and G5, now house a selection of lush, exotic plants in unusual, imaginative ways.

The old Macintosh Classic, for instance, has a small bonsai tree sprouting out of the top. The soil and roots can be seen through the display -- or rather, where the screen used to be -- while an innocent sapling grows out of the mouse. Some, such as the iMac G3, house the foliage neatly within their original shells. Others, like the iMac G5 and PowerBook, have their new companions bursting out of the display in spectacular fashion. Together they're a beautiful collection guaranteed to spruce up any home. We expect some purists will disagree with the treatment -- but in our humble opinion, it's a neat way of reusing some truly iconic technology.