'Rocket League' + Steam Workshop = more crazy stadiums

This one's for all the modders out there.

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As cool as playing a game of soccer (football to the rest of the world) with cars in a rapturous undersea arena is, sometimes you want to go somewhere even the development team couldn't dream up. Good news then, because Steam Workshop support is en route for Rocket League.

Uploading custom creations sounds simple enough for anyone familiar with Workshop, but developer Psyonix stresses that preview images should be "sharp, accurate" representations of what you've designed. A Workshop section is being added to the game's Steam Community Hub, and any levels you "subscribe" to will automatically populate the Extras section of the main menu.

If you've had the perfect stadium in mind for awhile and wanted to show it off for the biggest audience possible, this forthcoming update could be your chance to shine.
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