AT&T pushes Fullscreen, FreeVIEW service in DirecTV Now's wake

Millenials who don't want its satellite-like internet TV package can try these mobile-first options.

AT&T's internet TV plans don't stop with DirecTV Now, as it also highlighted two Go90-ish services during an event today. The already-available Fullscreen (previously mentioned as DirecTV Mobile) offers a $6 per month subscription video service intended to be social- and mobile-first (read: this is where some of those Vine stars went), and now AT&T mobile customers will be able to get a year of free access bundled with new or existing plans.

Meanwhile, FreeVIEW (previously DirecTV Preview) is an ad-supported outlet that trickles out content from DirecTV channels like Audience and Otter Media. Its content can be found within the DirecTV Now app and website once they're fully available. All three options will be available starting November 30th, and Fullscreen, like DirecTV Now, won't count towards data caps for participating AT&T wireless customers.