Tesla's upgraded Autopilot will start rolling out mid-December

Just don't expect to get everything you want right away.

Christopher Goodney/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Should you happen to be one of the first drivers to buy a Model S or Model X with Enhanced Autopilot support, you're probably wondering when you'll actually start getting those features. Well, the mystery's over. Elon Musk informs a new Model S owner that the Enhanced Autopilot update should start rolling out in "about three weeks" (as of November 26th), or sometime in mid-December. That's a nice holiday gift, we'd say. However, don't expect to receive everything that Tesla promised right off the bat.

As referenced during the self-driving reveal, the plan is to inch toward the late 2017 goal of full autonomy through incremental "monthly releases." Features like an upgraded Autosteer (using the newer cars' extra cameras) and Smart Summon (which isn't limited to moving the car in a straight line) are on the way... you may just have to wait months to see them. That isn't much comfort if you just spent a small fortune on a Tesla and want to show it off, but your patience will hopefully be rewarded.