Don't get the vinyl 'Gremlins' soundtrack re-issue wet

Or expose it to sunlight...

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Don't get the vinyl 'Gremlins' soundtrack re-issue wet

Mondo is a music and memorabilia store that's making a name for itself with sumptuous vinyl soundtrack re-issues of classic film and game scores. The company may have outdone itself this time with the re-release of Jerry Goldsmith's score to Gremlins on green and brown vinyl. Even better, however, is what happens to both the gatefold and the disc sleeves when you expose them to sunlight or water. If you break two of the three golden rules of Mogwai keeping, then you'll find more artwork of Gremlin-based chaos buried in the paper.

Obviously, it's wise not to get the sleeves too wet, and Mondo recommend simply giving them a wipe with a lightly damp cloth. This re-issue is also the first time that the complete score has been available in this format, making it a must for film music fans as well as Gremlins nerds specifically. There's also something rather touching about the fact that this release has been made with such care that, like in the film, you're tempted to do exactly the opposite of what you're meant to. The Gremlins re-issue is available now and will set you back $35.

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