Facebook could fight fake news with curated articles

Its new Collections feature will use handpicked publishers.

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Mariana Bazo / REUTERS
Mariana Bazo / REUTERS

The proliferation of fake news on its network has haunted Facebook since the presidential election. Initially downplaying its impact, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come around to start speaking on the social platform's action plan, including cutting off ad money. But now they have a new plan to ensure their users get quality content with actual facts: Handpick publications themselves.

Sources tell Business Insider that the new feature, called Collections, will serve up stories and media from sources chosen by Facebook. The social media titan has been courting entertainment and media companies in the last few weeks to create content for the new section. Early partners have been told that their created content will be inserted directly into users' News Feed, giving it a much broader reach.

But the entertainment focus reason enough to expect that Facebook will likely use Collections to both editorially curate superior content and compete with Snapchat. Its Discover section is seen by its 150 million daily users. But other information, from its partner list or whether Collections will include advertising or when it will debut, is currently unknown.

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