TiVo appears to be testing cloud DVR recording

The rumored Mantis/Mavrik box is supposed to cloud-based, but it looks like the Bolt might join in.

While a few companies have tried on network/cloud DVR features, TiVo has always been associated with storage that's sitting right in your living room. Previous leaks pointed to a new TiVo box, codenamed Mantis, that might do network recording of OTA channels, but now Dave Zatz posted this picture, showing that there may be similar features in the works for the existing Bolt DVR.

TiVo Bolt cloud DVR message

In the time since the Mantis popped up in FCC filings, another leak (and still-live TiVo webpage) shows it could arrive branded as the "Mavrik." Additionally, there's an app listing that confirms it as the "OTA Streaming, Diskless Cloud DVR TiVo Device Mantis." While that seems like the best bet to actually ship sometime soon, we're a bit more interested in the prospect of cloud recording of cable channels -- if TiVo actually update old boxes to do it.