'Modern Warfare Remastered' adds female soldiers, microtransactions

Now you can buy all those weapon skins with cold, hard cash if you're impatient.

Raven Software / Activision

If you thought that Modern Warfare Remastered would've been forgotten immediately after it was released, think again. The game's latest free update brings seven classic maps into the fold (Bloc, Countdown, Pipeline, Showdown, Strike, Wet Work) and the winter-themed, previously PC-only Winter Crash, according to the Activision blog. More than that, the "Operation Arctic Wolf" loot drop adds female soldiers to the mix -- a first for the Modern Warfare franchise. Why those aren't available as default options now is anyone's guess, though.

The patch also brings in something that's a bit controversial: microtransactions. You can earn those cosmetic items like weapon skins or targeting reticules by doing stuff in-game, sure, but they're also available to buy with Call of Duty Points, which you purchase with real-world money. Gamespot reports that new melee weapons like a shovel or hammer can be purchased as well.

Of course, these are all optional things that don't really have any effect on the game and are more for personalization that anything. But the difference between League of Legends charging for characters and skins, and CoD or Overwatch is that Riot's wildly popular game doesn't cost $60 up front.