Xbox One update boosts download speeds up to 80 percent

Gamers on slower connections should see a 40 percent increase, too.

A big part of current-gen gaming we just have to live with is spending time we could be playing waiting for things to download. Microsoft is looking to ease that burden with an update to Xbox One. With the latest version of the console's operating system, the company says it increased download speeds 80 percent if you're internet connection is faster than 100Mbps. If you're on a slower connection that's less than 100Mbps, the update should still boost game and app downloads by 40 percent.

Of course, Microsoft warns that exact figures will vary based on your home configuration and your ISP. Download speeds will also be slower when you're playing a game as Xbox One prioritizes that action over any background activity. Speaking of background downloads, this update optimizes that process to withstand any intermittent connection issues.

Additional updates include a firmware refresh for the Xbox One wireless controller and tweaks that should make streaming music in the background more reliable across different apps. There are also the usual "general performance and stability improvements" where further details aren't provided. To grab the update, head to Settings on the console and select "Console info & updates" from the System menu.