'Ok Google' now works in Android Auto

You no longer need to touch the microphone icon.

With its large icons and stripped back interface, Android Auto is a simpler, safer way to access music and maps in your car. It's also designed for voice, and finally Google has enabled "Okay Google" commands for everyone. That means you don't have to touch the screen, or your phone, to start speaking with Google's assistant. The feature might sound small, but for drivers this could be a revelatory addition. Whether you want to switch playlists, check the weather, or settle an argument (how old is Obama again?) you can do this without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

The feature was announced at Google I/O, and a few weeks back it started rolling out to select drivers. As a post on Google+ indicates, it should now be available to everyone who has Android Auto set up in their car. That could be through a compatible infotainment system, or directly through your smartphone with the Android Auto mode enabled. If you haven't already, maybe give it a whirl while you're driving home this Christmas.