Google Maps tells you if locations are wheelchair accessible

You won't have to worry about whether or not you can get into many buildings.

It's tough using internet maps when you have a wheelchair. If you don't use a third-party site like Wheelmap, you may have to scrutinize Street View looking for ramps and other signs that you can get in. However, you won't have to worry about freedom of movement so much from now on. Thanks to spare time work from Google Drive product manager Rio Akasaka, Google Maps now mentions wheelchair accessibility when it's available. Local Guides (that is, users who answer questions about places they visit) have provided enough answers about access that Google will now display it as an amenity on a location page.

The listings are only available in the US right now, and you can expect to see gaps in coverage given that it's based on user input. Still, it could make the difference between visiting that hot new restaurant and having to consider something else for dinner. Akasaka also notes that this could help anyone who might have an extra challenge getting up stairs, such as families with prams. Even if you don't have a specific need for these accessibility notices, then, you might well benefit from them.