7 Web Design Trends Predicted for 2017

There are many reasons why trends appear. Technical changes drive some, such as the coming of responsive design, and others seemingly come out of nowhere purely because of consumer demand. You need to take notice of a series of upcoming trends in 2017 and decide whether you really have the best possible website.

These are the biggest web design trends predicted for 2017.

1. The mobile-first approach

More and more Americans are relying on mobile internet service as their sole means for getting online, according to a recent study from the US Census Bureau. Companies are realizing this and so they're adopting the mobile-first approach. No longer is the mobile site an afterthought. It's the first thing companies are thinking about.

This change in mindset could bring about some huge changes in the way websites are designed. It's a trend that could completely transform the world of web design.

2. Videos take up more of a webpage

Videos have been important for several years. It's a type of media that has become easier to produce and easier to broadcast. An increasing number of companies have taken the decision to use videos exclusively to send a message to their customers.

Entire homepages are just one big video, with a menu at the top or bottom of a page. These videos create a magnificent aura that grabs the attentions of visitors.

3. Navigation gets simpler

Web developers typically made sure websites had no more than five to seven items on a navigation bar. This was based on the idea that humans could store nothing more within their short-term memories. The coming of smart devices has changed all that.

If you look at sites like PayPal, you'll notice that they only have three items in their navigation bar. Websites have started to adopt these shorter navigation bars to add emphasis to each item on that bar.

4. Flat design gets more prominent

Flat design is the type of design used by many mobile apps. Websites that are designed using flat design are anything but flat-looking. They minimalize stylistic elements and add drop shadows to each button to give the illusion of a 3D design filled with depth. Simple yet bright colors are generally used.

The facets of flat design have grown out of minimalist design, which also emphasized the lack of complex design elements. Flat design is very much a trend that will become even more prominent in 2017.

5. Pre-made themes are beating out customized themes

WordPress has always been the most popular web platform because you don't need any technical experience to build a flawless website. Premade themes have grown immensely in recent years. There are so many customization options that you can get a hundred unique websites out of a single premium WordPress theme.

That's beginning to turn companies away from employing professional designers, particularly smaller businesses.

6. The decline of stock imagery

For years, stock imagery was the best option for building a website. The problem with this is people can spot stock imagery a mile away. There's always a risk that your competitor will have the same image, but most customers will simply know that the image isn't an original.

Many visitors want to see an authentic and original company. Those two characteristics are exactly what stock imagery isn't. Companies are now investing in finding original imagery taken by themselves. These images are then unique to them and their target audience can believe in the brand.

7. Animations return

Animations used to elicit a roll of the eyes because they came off as childish and clunky. Thankfully, the Flash animations from the past are outdated. Internet connections are getting stronger and it is common to see animations being employed to tell a story.

These animations are sometimes full-page animations that guide users through an entire narrative. Keep in mind that even in 2017 animations aren't going to be everything. Find out what sort of content your audience wants to see.

Conclusion – it's all about the audience

Just because something is a trend doesn't mean that you must involve yourself in it. As always with web design, think about what your audience really wants from you.

How will you change your website in 2017?

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