Dino VR adventure 'Robinson: The Journey' stomps to Oculus soon

Crytek's latest will arrive on Rift next month.

Virtual reality is the best (and safest) way to get up close and personal with dinosaurs. And next month folks with Oculus Rift headsets can do just that thanks to Robinson: The Journey's PlayStation VR exclusivity going going extinct expiring.

Considering that the game got a boost in graphical fidelity when it moved from PlayStation 4 to the higher-powered PS4 Pro, it should look even better on a high-end PC running a Rift headset. After all, the display is higher spec and most VR rigs eclipse Sony's consoles in terms of raw computing power.

With developer Crytek's recent financial woes, the company can use all the help it can get. So it probably won't be long before this hits other VR platforms in the future.

And speaking of dinosaurs in VR, it was recently announced that prehistoric survival-sim Ark: Survival Evolved is getting a standalone, quasi-Jurassic Park expansion that's all about letting you check out the terrible thunder lizards in a zoo-like setting. Ark Park is coming to both PC and PS4 sometime next year and will feature over 100 animals from the base game's bestiary -- spared no expense, of course.