Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on the OnePlus 3T

It looks like the OnePlus 3 it replaces, but the performance has improved markedly.

Usually phone makers refresh their flagship models on schedule, once a year. In a break with tradition, though, OnePlus didn't even wait six months: The 3 came out in June, with the 3T arriving not even six months later. While people who bought the OnePlus 3 this summer might be annoyed to see it made obsolete so quickly, those in the market for a new phone will be pleased to find that the similar-looking 3T brings a faster, top-of-the-line chip, an improved camera setup and much longer battery life. While it still has some tradeoffs compared to traditional flagships (see: it's relatively low-res 1080p display), it's still a great deal for $440.