Samsung's stylish speakers upgrade your audio to 32-bit

Too chic for Samsung speakers.

Samsung's latest speakers aren't just classy AV units that complement your furniture, they also deliver 32-bit audio. The company is promising listeners a new level of clarity thanks to its new Ultra High Quality (UHQ) audio tech, which upscales both existing 8-bit and 24-bit sound to output at 32-bit. Targeting audiophiles who might be able to tell the difference, Samsung's 32-bit audio should deliver sound closer to the original recording. The new tech works with both wireless and wired speakers, and Samsung's upcoming H7 Wireless Speaker and MS750 Soundbar are both compatible. Even if you can't hear the difference in audio quality, the speakers are pretty darn... pretty.

With a sleek metal design and wheel control, the H7 Wireless Speaker is a surprisingly stylish speaker for Samsung. Yet the company's not just hoping to lure in fans of high-end hi-fi systems with pretty aesthetics. The H7 attempts to bridge the gap between clarity and full-bodied sound, using a combination of UHQ audio with a bass response that allows it to play frequencies as low as 35Hz.

It's not just Samsung's new wireless speaker that's embracing the low frequencies; Its new MS750 Soundbar also adds subwoofer-quality bass. Targeting the home cinema market, this new array aims to make those explosions rumble without consumers having to shell out for an additional sub. The company also says that the MS750 will be easy to connect, thanks to its single-body design. This means the soundbar can be mounted onto your TV, sharing space by connecting the two units with a single power cable connection.

With no prices available for any of these new ranges, however, we still don't know how much bang you'll be getting for your buck. Alongside Samsung's recent announcement of a new UHD Blu-Ray player, the company's full new range will be shown off at CES next month.