Samsung enters the smart inbox fray with 'Focus'

Another Samsung app you'll never use.

Samsung's Focus (no, not the Windows phone from ages ago) wants to be your Android productivity app of choice. The latest update brings the application out of beta and fixes a deleted email sync issue, according to patch notes. But, when Google Play says that up to this point Focus has only been installed between 10,000 and 50,000 times, chances are you haven't heard of the Samsung-exclusive app.

At its simplest, Focus brings email, a calendar, your contact list and memos into one tabbed app. You can even set keyword alerts, with all relevant instances of, say, "meeting" popping up in the main tab. What's more, you can also flag individual email senders as priority so they don't get buried in the chaff of your inbox too -- a feature that Outlook mobile could definitely use.

And if you're in the business of creating conference calls, you can make those invites directly within the app, and Samsung says you can dial in without leaving Focus pretty easily, too. But anyone who's actually been on a conference call knows dialing in is hardly the hardest part.